The ideal temperature

Achieving the ideal temperature for a comfortable indoor climate in hospitals, sport centres, shopping malls, residential homes and public facilities is essential in summer and in winter. The challenge is reducing energy bills while attending to environmental issues.

Valutech is the choice of many of the major consultants and contractors in supplying the Alfa Laval range of heat exchangers for HVAC applications. Alfa Laval’s gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers are used worldwide for district heating and cooling, domestic hot water, central heating/cooling and swimming pool heating.

District heating and cooling are becoming more and more popular due to the energy efficiency. In district heating heat is generated through boilers and supplied through pipes to many buildings or groups of buildings. Heat exchangers are used to transfer energy between the two systems. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are used in major cities and municipalities for district heating and cooling.


Plate Heat Exchangers  use plates to transfer heat from one fluid to another while keeping the two fluids


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers use plates too but the plates are brazed together using a copper    …


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers use a set of tubes installed in a cylindrical shell. One  …