Copper Brazed Heat Exchangers Versatile, Maintenance-Free Heat Exchangers for Extreme Operating Conditions

Brazed plate heat exchangers are capable of handling large duties in a compact form, with a small footprint. They are commonly used within a wide array of industrial, hydronic, and refrigeration applications, as well as within commercial and domestic sectors.

Valutech carries the complete line of Alfa Laval Copper Brazed Heat Exchangers; for more information on a specific line, or to see how a visual demonstration of their operation, please follow the links to the right.

Copper brazed plate heat exchangers are formed using SS316 plates, and are copper brazed in a furnace to provide a strong inter-plate bond; this allows them to operate under high pressure and temperatures. The construction of these models allows for optimal heat recovery due to attaining close (2°F) temperature approaches. Their inherently turbulent flow patterns also contributes to their efficiency with respect to their compact footprint; this comes with the additional benefit of affordability relative to other plate heat exchangers.

Advantages of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

    • Units are lightweight and compact, allowing for installation in size-restricted or otherwise spatially-limited operating environments.
    • Low capital costs relative to other plate heat exchanger varieties.

    • Design allows for close temperature approaches, enabling greater heat loads relative to other types of heat exchangers.
    • Typically, all connections are on a single plane, allowing for the heat exchanger to be removed for service without disturbing hard piping

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How It Works

See how Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers can be used for a variety of applications.

Counter-Current Flow

Counter-Current Flow

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