High Speed Separators Fuel & Lube Oil Cleaning

This mobile centrifugal separator system cleans any service oil. It removes virtually all free water and more than 99% of solid particles 2-5 µm in size. This disc stack separator provides rapid, simultaneous and continuous three phase separation of water and particles.



It is ideal for small installations as you can move and connect it quickly – it is installed in a bypass flow so no machinery alterations are required. It requires no supervision once started. Emmie 2 is a complete compact unit, including the separator, feed pump and easy to operate control system


This unit can clean while oil is being used or when the primary equipment is at a standstill. It’s a modularized system with all components integrated and pre-configured on a skid.

This streamlines installation – and means it works without operator supervision. As a result, it’s never been easier to avoid equipment breakdown and unnecessary downtime. It has low operating costs and there is no need to dispose of filter cartridges, minimalizing the environmental impact of sludge disposal



With the Alfa Laval S and P Flex range, your separator system is tailored to your performance. P separators are purifiers for well-defined oils, with good water removal characteristic. S separators are for tough and variable oils and do not have a constant water removal.

For fuel & lube oil applications the P separators are the better choice due to the higher removal capability of water and the lower investment cost. The S separators are only needed for high flows where no P separators are available.

Model Comparison

High Speed Separator

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Manual & Automatic Separators

Alfa Laval Solid-retaining Centrifuge

Purification animation of an Alfa Laval solid retaining centrifuge

Alfa Laval self-cleaning centrifuge (total discharge)

Purification animation of an Alfa Laval solid retaining centrifuge