ALFA-V VLD Industrial V-type dry coolers

General information & application


Alfa-V VLD air cooled liquid coolers have been designed for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids in heavy industrial applications, even in the most severe environments.

Applications include gas or diesel engines and turbine cooling in power plants, electrical distribution in HVDC cooling systems, process cooling from food, plastic industry, steel mill industry, etc.


Optimized coil geometry provides excellent heat transfer, low pressure drop and low fouling thanks to the smooth fins and the large air passage. By default, fins are in Industrial aluminium.

Piping material: copper ø 12 mm (VLD), copper ø 16 mm (VLD6) brazed to copper manifolds and stainless steel (VLDY) TIG welded to stainless steel manifolds. Flanged connections PN10/16 according to EN1092. Manifolds equipped with venting and draining nozzles, on request with manual ball valves.

Separate connections provide the opportunity for independent operation of both cooling coils.


Construction provides high rigidity to withstand vibrations,thermal expansion and rough environmental conditions. Casing, supports and frame made of corrosionresistant hotdip galvanized steel plates, class C4-H as basic level. Alfa LU-VE design fan-collars made in composite material to optimize air distribution increasing performance and reducing energy consumption and noise level. Separated fan sections


• Fin spacing: 2 mm to 3.5 mm

• Fins:

– Aluminium Magnesium alloy (SWR)

– Aluminium pre-coated (EP)

– Aluminium spray-coated (FC)

– R-fin™ technology.

• Removable header box (ASME design) – for VLDY when not equipped with cylindrical headers

• Spray Water kit (KW)

• Complete Water Spray System incl. pump (SWS)

• Fan-collar in galvanized steel

• Casing coated C4-H or C5-H, with customized thickness and

RAL color

• Customized connections: counter flanges, flexible connection joints and ANSI flanges, etc.

• Container skid (SK)

• Mounting kit: 1 or 2 m legs, handrails and ladder

• Electrical accessories

– EMC cables, glands and service switches each fan-motor (EMC)

– Motors equipped with anticondensation heaters, thermal overload Klixon and vibration monitors

– Motors wired to a common terminal box (CB)

– Basic switchboard (B)

– Basic switchboard with frequency converter and manual bypass (BFC)

– Basic switchboard with frequency converter, manual bypass and temperature probe (BFCT)



Fan motors

Squirrel-cage electric motors, designed exploiting decades of experience in outdoor use. Built to IEC standard 6, 8, 10 or 12 poles, provided with: condensing water outlets, shaft seals and H-class insulation. Construction optimized for use on air heat exchangers. Motors pre-wired to lockable service switches placed outside the fan-collar. Available for various power supplies (std 400/3/50, 460/3/60). Impellers ø 1.5 m are made in high efficiency aluminium wing-blade profile for reduced power consumption and noise emissions.

Design pressure

Design pressure 10 bar. Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air at 15 bar. Higher design pressure on demand.


• Factory tested plug&play units.

• Favorable capacity/footprint ratio.

• Heavy duty coil and high corrosion resistance materials

• Available with easily cleanable plain industrial fins.

• Excellent sound characteristics.

• Energy efficient – low total cost of ownership.

• Two-year product guarantee.

• Easy access to additional on-line information

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Alfa-V VLD dry coolers are customized according to customer’s

requests. Selection and pricing is to be performed with the our

air heat exchangers specialists. They will guide you to select the

best solution according to your needs. Please contact our sales

organization for further details.


The quality system is in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO

14001. All products are manufactured according to PED regulations.


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