HELPMAN THOR Industrial air coolers

General information & application

The Helpman THOR series is a wide and flexible range of
heavy-duty industrial air coolers for both cooling and freezing
applications in medium to large cold rooms. Suitable for a
wide range of applications, with a special focus on meat
storage, agricultural produce and packed products.
All TYR models have been highly standardised in construction
and dimensions, while maintaining flexibility in fin spacings,
coil construction and circuiting design.

Evaporating temp. +5 to -40°C
Refrigerants Ammonia (R-717), all HFO/HFC, brine, CO2
Capacities (SC2) 5 up to 116 kW*
Air volume 4,000 up to 68,100 m3/hText content

Standard configuration

• Finned coil

7 coil block modules

4, 6 or 8 tube rows deep

Stainless steel tubing ø 16 mm

Tube pitch 50 x 50 mm square

Corrugated Alu-fins

Fin spacings 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mm.

• 1-7 fans, available in a range of different executions.

Diameters Ø 406 mm up to Ø 710 mm. Enclosed design spray-tight fan motors, protection class IP55. Motors are equipped with a thermal safety device in the windings, connected to separate terminals in the box.

• All models available in both blow-through (TYR-B) and draw-through (TYR-Z) execution.

• Corrosion resistant casing material: Aluminium/Sendzimir, white epoxy coated (RAL 9003).

• Hinged, enclosed end covers (modules 1-4). Largermodules fitted with easily removable end covers.

• Hinged driptray, drain(s) 32 mm PVC connection, freely adjustable into either horizontal or vertical position.


• Defrost systems

–Hot gas coil in driptray (G1, G2)

–Hot gas connected (G1C, G2C)

Hot gas coil in driptray connected to suction header, without non-return valve.

–Water defrost (W)

–Hot glycol defrost (HW1, HW2)

–Electric defrost (E1, E2, E4, E5)

Electric defrost for air coolers with pumped refrigerant circulation or in glycol execution on special request only.

• Fan ring heater (FRH)

• Driptray insulation

–Styropore 10 mm + cladding (I2)

Not combined with electric defrost

–Foamglass 25 mm + cladding (I3)

• Refrigerant connections (L/R)

• Mounting feet (MF)

For floor mounting, TYR coolers can be equipped with hot dip galvanized steel mounting feet.

• Isolating switch, mounted (ISM)

• Shut up system (S + SH) for TYR-Z

only. The system comprises a shut-up sock and an inlet hood to enhance defrost efficiency.

• Secondary refrigerant

All models available for water/glycol application.

Standard stainless steel welding connections, other connections (thread/flange) on request.

helpman THOR

• Refrigerant distribution optimised to refrigerant applied.

• Refrigerant connections on right hand side (fan side view).

• Fitted with schräder valve on the suction connection for testing purposes.

• Sufficient room for fitting the expansion valve inside.

• Suitable for dry expansion or pumped system.

• Stickers indicate fan direction and refrigerant in/out.

• Delivery in mounting position. Coolers are mounted on wooden beams. Installation can take place with use of a forklift.

Design pressure

Design pressure 33 bar (HFO/HFC), 27 bar (ammonia) or 6 bar (brine). Higher design pressures on request. Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air and finally supplied with a nitrogen pre-charge.

• Diffuser + defrost damper (D, DO) Discharge diffuser (D) to increase air throw, can also be fitted with a defrost damper valve (O) that closes automatically when the fans are stopped (TYR-B only).

• Hinged fan plate (HN)

• Stainless steel 304 casing (SSC)

Non-standard executions (on request only)

• Special fan motors

–Dual fan speed motors

–Variable fan speed motors

–EC fans

–Fan motors 254-280/440-480/60/3, 230/60/1 or 230-380/60/3

• Fans for extra external pressure 125 Pa (P)(modules 5, 6, 7)

• Built in heater coil sections


Selection and pricing is to be performed with our Alfa

LU-VE air heat exchanger selection software. Selection

output includes all relevant technical data and dimensional

drawings. Please contact our sales organization for details

and full technical documentation.


• Application based air cooler design to secure product quality.

• Advanced product selection software available.

• Heavy duty coil & casing materials, resulting in a long operational product life.

• Exceptionally wide & versatile cooler range.

• Reliable performance.

• Easy-install.

• Energy efficient.

• Low defrost frequency thanks to square tube pitch configuration.

• Low total cost of ownership.

• Easy access to additional on-line

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